The Ministry Candidacy-Ordination Psychological Testing Program

Candidates and potential ordinands from three denominations are currently using the testing services of Emory Clergy Care. Each denomination utilizes a specific series of psychological tests to assist their process of candidate selection and confirmation for the various ministries of the church.

The most commonly used tests are the MMPI2, the Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory, the SASSI Addiction Scale, The Sentence Completion Test, and The Personal History Questionnaire.

To schedule psychological testing, please call Cynthia L Daniels, Program Administrator, (678)924-9260.

The Ministerial Professional Program

The Minister’s Professional Development Program is designed to strengthen needed pastoral skills and work practices to better equip selected pastors for effective continuance in ministry. A two-year commitment is a part of this program which seeks to give ministers, congregations and the larger church a stronger connection and missional covenant. Also involved is a series of psychological and vocational tests which help to clarify the gifts and strengths each participant brings to ministry. Those clergy and congregations who participate successfully in the program report a clarity of vocational direction.

The Minister's Professional Development Program is operational in Georgia and Michigan at this time.

The Vocational Re-Visioning Program

The Vocational Re-Visioning Program- is a process of discernment and action, leading to career change from ministry. It is designed to support ministers and their families as they move from career ministry into the secular world of employment.

For more information about these programs, including dates, times and places of meetings please email us.